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Discussion Groups:

Once a week, you will meet with your group for one hour to discuss the reading. You have the option of conducting your Group Discussions via Blackboard Collaborate during the class day/time, on Thursdays from 11:00am-12:00pm, by following your Group’s link below. You may also conduct your discussion independently of the class time and using another video conferencing tool (such as Google or Zoom), should another setup be more convenient for your group. 

To provide some minimal structure, you are required to come to the meeting with one discussion question to contribute to the group. The discussion question should isolate a theme, passage, or something else that you find interesting from the week’s reading, and frame your interest in a way that invites discussion. Instructions and samples are below.

I will be reviewing the Group Discussion notes on a weekly basis, and at the end of the semester, I will distribute an evaluation form for you to evaluate your group members on their participation. This is to ensure that participation is for the most part equitable (since I cannot be there in person to moderate).

Group 1 Discussion Notes and link to Video Chat
Ana Butler
Angelica Opedal
Cheyenne Pryor
Christina Latimer
Daniel Garcia
Elizabeth Araujo
Group 2 Discussion Notes and link to Video Chat
Daniella Gallardo
Desiree Oliveras
Dina Darwish
Yasmin Taveres
Elizabeth Estevez
Katherine Guaman
Group 3 Discussion Notes and link to Video Chat
Hector Parra
Jacqueline Valiente
Jade Valerio
Jasmine Calle
Jordi Dominguez-Segundo
Sandra Lewocki
Group 4 Discussion Notes and link to Video Chat
Jose Florencio
Kailani Genaro
Tyeisha Archer
Maria Elena Cruz
Mayleen Zhagnay
Sandra Cedillo
Group 5 Discussion Notes and link to Video Chat
Melissa Guachun
Pamela Castillo
Rebekah Nichols
Rheyana Ridley
Samiha Mahmud
Xavier De La Rosa